Tariff for photo shoot

Good pictures does not evolve by the click of a photo. There is a lot of preparation which is required, which we can discuss by phone. We need to select the right time for your photo shoot and work on interior colors. Camera and human eyes can look into the same element by different way. Thats why, tariff will depend on load and preparation.

Basic tariff will be based on normal work load.

Private photoshooting

Tariff given for standard properties (not luxury class) without pool. Luxury class properties comes under commercial tariff.

Type of photo shooting Basic tariff Duration of photography
1 bedroom apartment Rs. 6,000 1,5 hours
2 bedroom apartment Rs. 8,000 2 hours
3 bedroom apartment Rs. 10,000 3 hours
1 bedroom villa Rs. 10,000 2 hours
2 bedroom villa Rs. 16,000 2,5 hours
3 bedroom villa Rs. 20,000 3 hours

Commercial property photoshooting

Duration of photography Basic tariff Type of photo shooting
Up to 2 hours Rs. 15,000 Small office, small property
Up to 3 hours Rs. 20,000 Small villas, buildings
Up to 4 hours Rs. 25,000 Small guest house, small resort, 2 bedroom villas
Up to 5 hours Rs. 30,000 Guest house, small resort, 3 bedroom villas
Up to 6 hours Rs. 40,000 Resort, small hotel
Up to 10 hours By request Hotels, big projects

My requirements

  • Property should ready for photoshoot – “come and click picture”;
  • Extra day for photoshoot – extra charges;
  • Additional timing – extra charges.

Service charges

Service Basic tariff
Peoples, team pictures, events during photoshooting By request
Picture editing Complimentary of best pictures
Photo on the CD/DVD Complimentary
Professional studio lights By request