Why you need a pro photoshoot of your interiors

When selling or leasing out property, most people tend to take simple photographs of the interiors on their point-and-shoot cameras, or even their smartphones and upload them. There are obvious and stark differences between the optical capabilities of a handheld point-and-shoot (or mobile camera) and a professional DSLR mounted with a lens suited specifically to interior photoshoots. In this post, we show and tell you exactly how much of a difference it can make.

Moreover, when you opt for a professional photoshoot for your property, which you intend to rent or sell, the resulting images are crafted by the hands of a photographer who knows exactly what sells. Hence, you then stand double the chance to get a potential buyer, and the right rates for your real estate. Even if a layman is armed with a DSLR, going by the device’s intelligence will not result in optimized results.

Notice the following pairs of pictures, each taken by a layman with a standard compact camera and taken on a DSLR by a professional interiors photographer:

Comparison Taken by a layman with a standard camera Pro photographer with a DSLR and apt lens
Standard picture has problems with alignment, brightness and white balance. Result: A dull and unappealing room. The professional’s picture looks clearly lit and the white balance lends the room an air of cleanliness and appeal. 2037a-standard 2037a-pro
Professional pictures present the details of the space without the scene appearing cluttered. While standard pictures may be okay for representational purpose, they certainly do not attract customers into buying the property or living in it. 2089a-standard 2089a-pro
A professional photographer not only knows his camera dials but also rearranges the room for a more tempting appearance. The perspectives of each picture go hand in hand with the decor and only a professional can  balance both. 2033d-standard 2033d-pro
Interiors photographers come armed with not just a bulky DSLR, but also a range of lenses particularly fit for interiors. While your standard camera may capture a scene, the extra-wide angle lens will take the pictures to a whole new level. 2033a-standard 2033a-pro
Professional pictures add a lot of life and natural brightness to the room. A pro photographer knows what will make a customer want to buy/hire the property. Standard pictures end up needing a lot of editing to make them barely acceptable. 2033b-standard 2033b-pro