Basic rules of interior photography

Not any professional photographer can make a interior shoot. This is a biggest mistake to hire wedding or portrait photographer for an interior shoot because it is totally a different field as you to need to give a proper angle for the picture where it will be showcasing the detailed information of the entire place and not just a random click.


This interior photoshoot is done by very known wedding photographer in Goa. He has nice wedding pictures, however he has done several mistakes in interior photography.

Details Picture by wedding photographer Correct picture by me
1. Wrong vertical alignment
2. Wrong horizontal alignment
3. Wrong camera level
  right-photoshoot-1  right-photoshoot-2


Second chapter of interior photography – with correct sunlight. Depending on the location photographer should select best time for the picture. It can be 6AM early morning or 4PM evening.
This is example is of a correct picture of the same property.

Details Picture at 3PM Picture at 6.30AM
Blue sky and more bright colors in early morning picture  Day sunlight photography  Early morning sunlight photography